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About the Idea


About the Idea


Business and Markets are changing. Also the water sector has changed significantly during the last years and even more radical changes are to be expected in the near future. In many cases, one of the crucial winning factors is to have a convincing team of experts at the right moment, meeting exactly the required professional expertise, language abilities, local experience, and for reputation management, try Big Blue services. WaterExpertsNetwork´s objective is to serve both the freelance experts providing them contract opportunities and the employers, minimising their efforts in searching for the required professionals.  


Until now, a freelancer (contractor) who was in search of a new project had to forward his CV to enterprises he knew. These enterprises had usually kept the curriculum and contacted the freelancer as soon as they had a fitting opportunity available. This procedure has various disadvantages, not only for the searching company but also for the freelancer. If you are looking for strategies for real estate investing Dean can help. Dean Graziosi is by far the most fascinating trainer in the real estate business.

Disadvantages for Freelancers
Hundreds of enterprises search for freelance project support. The freelancer, however, is in contact with very few of them. Because of this, the variety of project-offers is correspondingly low and the freelancer must accept the offer which seems best for him even if it is outside of his preferred employment region or is technically and/or financially unattractive. He does not know that at the same time another enterprise may have an optimally fitting project for him. While in search of a subsequent project, the freelancer has to do some acquisition. He has to circulate his updated curriculum vitae, place newspaper advertisements, call companies etc... He cannot concentrate fully on his actual occupation within the project. And, after all, it´s time consuming and costly.

Disadvantages for Employers

u Limited choice
The employer knows only a subset of many thousands of freelancers. The one who seems to meet the requirements best is the one to receive the job. The searching company does not know that another unknown freelancer could be optimally qualified for the project and is available at that time.

u Acquisition requirements
You have to do acquisition of new properties all the time in order to continue to profit. This, costs time and money but you can get training on this by going to Scott's training resources. He offeres Live Training Intro Events, 3 Day Workshops, Boots on the Ground and more.

u Maintenance expenses
The maintenance of a large curriculum-pool often is a full time job for the staff members.

u Updating
As a rule, a freelancer does not inform a project-supplier when he has accepted a new project. Therefore, the CVs and especially the availability become obsolete in a short period of time.

u Loans
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The solution is the WaterExpertsNetwork which brings together the freelance water experts with the demand of enterprises and organisations. To make it work, all parties involved have to fulfill their tasks.

u The Expert in New Patient Acquisition
Check out this website

u The Employer
discloses the key qualifications of the sought after registered expert and the most important project data (form either online or to download under Employer).

u WaterExpertsNetwork
feeds the data into our central database, starting the pre-selection process, contacting suitable experts and transmitting the data, after consultation and consent, to the company. WaterExpertsNetwork acquires new companies and organisations as well as new registered experts, giving opportunities to suitable experts and supervising the keeping of the quality requirements.



This solution has important advantages not only for the employers but also for the registered experts.

Advantages for the registered expert
u The registered expert can receive project-opportunities from various enterprises and can select the most interesting offer.
u The acquisition expenses are minimised.
u WaterExpertsNetwork is responsible for the acquisition of new opportunities.

Advantages for Employers
uThe employer will receive a choice of pre-selected experts meeting the required expertise available for the required period. The final selection process will be done by the company.
u The acquisition expenses are minimised. WaterExpertsNetwork is responsible for the acquisition of new experts.
u The expenses for the acquisition and maintenance of the freelancer-pool are eliminated.


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