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For your convenience you may use the following classification lists to describe the activities describing best your professional expertise. This list corresponds with the terms used by WorldBank and most EC Institutions.


Fields of Specialisation (according to World Bank and EC terms):

M100 Water Supply
M101 Water System Planning and Design
M102 Water Resources Development
M102a Groundwater
M102b Surface Water
M103 Water Quality
M104 Source Reservoirs
M105 Dams
M106 Tunnels
M107 Submarine Pipelines
M108 Water Transmission
M109 Pumping Stations
M109a Handpumps
M110 Water Storage
M111 Water Treatment
M112 Water Distribution
M113 System Rehabilitation and Upgrading
M114 Desalination
M115 Corrosion
M116 Leak Detection
M117 Rural Water Supplies
M118 Water Meters
M119 Pipe Materials and Manufacture
X100 Additional Items not included in the WB Terms:
X110 Unaccounted for Water/Nonrevenue Water
X120 Population Forecast & Demand Management
X130 Irrigation
X140 Information Technologies (IT) for Utilities
M200 Sanitation
M201 Sewage Collection Systems
M202 Sewage Treatment
M202a Domestic
M202b Industrial
M203 System Rehabilitation and Upgrading
M204 Stabilisation Ponds
M205 Marine Disposal
M206 Land Application
M207 Low-Cost Urban Sanitation
M208 Storm Drainage
M209 Rural Sanitation
M210 Water Pollution Control
M211 Water Recycling and Re-Use
M212 Sludge Recycling and Re-Use
M213 Resource Recovery
M400 Water Supply and Sanitation Management
M401 Requirement Forecasting
M402 Financial Planning
M403 Organisation and Management
M404 Rates and Tariffs
M405 Water Metering
M406 Accounting/Auditing Systems
M407 Computerisation
M408 Legislation
M409 Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Management
M410 Water Supply and Sanitation Training
N100 National Development
N101 National Development Strategies
N104 National Planning
N105 Public Administration
N106 Public Enterprises: Management & Financial
N107 Public Enterprises: Information & Control Systems
N111 Privatisation Programs
N112 Aid for Refugees and Returnees
N113 Emergency Aid
N114 Donor Recipient Relationship
N200 Miscellaneous Specialisations
N202 Coastal Engineering
N203 Oceanography
Types of Services (according to WorldBank and EC terms):
1a Aerial Surveys, Satellite Imagery
1b Geological Surveys
1c Geophysical Surveys
1d Hydrological Surveys
1e Hydrographic Surveys
1f Soil Surveys
1g Topographic Surveys
1h Resources Survey
1i Hydrogeological Surveys
1j Quality Surveys & Modelling
1k Climatological Surveys
2a Sector Studies
2b Policy Studies
2c Regional Development Plans
2d Project Identification Studies
2e Disaster/Emergency Planning
3a Planning Studies
3b Feasibility Studies
3c Market Studies
3d Economic Studies
3e Financial Studies
3f Tariff Studies
3g Technical Studies
3h Operations Studies
3i Environmental Studies
3j Sociological Studies
3k Research Design/Evaluation
3l Risk Management Advice
3m Project Related Insurance
3n Project Financing Advice
3o Site Studies
4a Design-Architectural, Engineering, Industrial, Etc...
4b Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
4c Hydraulics Studies and Engineering
4d Earthquake Engineering
4e Sabo (Landslide Protection) Engineering
4f Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimating
4g Estimation, Preparation of Contract Documents and Bid Evaluation
4h Structural Engineering
5a Procurement Services
5b Supervision/Inspection of Construction
5c Supervision/Inspection of Equipment Installation
5d Project Management/Administration (on Behalf of Owner)
5e Technical Assistance and Advisory Services
5f Turnkey Operations
5g Start-up Operations
5h Special Personnel Recruitment
5i Materials Testing
6a Product and Production Technology
6b Production Management
6c Process Evaluation and Selection
6d Quality Control
6e Marketing and Distribution
6f Packaging and Storage
6g Warehousing and Inventory Control
6h Physical Distribution and Shipping
6i Export/Import Inspection
6j Trade Promotion
7a Operations and Maintenance
7b Maintenance Planning
7c Equipment/Plant Rehabilitation
7d Plant/Factory Rehabilitation
7e Civil Works Rehabilitation
8a Accounting/Auditing
8b Information Systems and Computer Processing
8c Computer Technology
8d Information Technology Consultancy
8e Management Information Systems
8f Automation Strategy Studies
8g Tender Formulation for Hardware/Software
8h Computer Systems Design and Implementation
8i Microcomputing and Office Technology
9a Institutional Strengthening/Restructuring
9b Management Advisory Services
9c Management Studies
9d Organisational Development Studies
9e Manpower Requirements Studies
9f Training and Transfer of Technology
9g Project Post-Evaluation
9h Project Monitoring and Evaluation
9i Legal Services
9k Arbitration and Litigation Advice
9l Women Development
9m Local Community Involvement
9n Enhancing the Value of Human Resources

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